It’s that weird time of the year again, the 5 days in between Christmas Day and New Years Eve when everyone is still merry, consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol, and no-one really knows what day it is!


Boxing Day Bargain Bundles

We’re having a big old clear out at SoSweet! These boxes are packed full of products that have passed their best before date or are short dated. Still fine to consume, the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a bargain!

£1 Boxing Day Bargains

2 for £1!

NEW: HUGE Chocolate Pouches

USA Drinks Bundles

Pop Tart Boxes


Oreo Sale!

Jacob’s Caddys

Best-Before Expired

The best-before dates have expired on these products, but they are still fine to consume! Grab yourself a bargain!

Rap Snacks

Andy Capp Fries