American Mystery Boxes

Can’t decide what you want? Let the American Candy experts choose for you! With over 2000 products to choose from, we certainly know how to put together a delicious mix of Imported American Candy, Chocolate, Soda, Snacks and more!

Standard Mystery Boxes

Want a bit of everything? These are for you! Full of a good variety of candy, chocolate, soda, snacks, crisps, cakes and so much more!

Netflix & Chill Mystery Boxes

The only thing that can make a movie night better is snacks! Not just any old snacks though, we’re talking about some seriousssss snacks! We’re not messing about!

Special Mystery Boxes

For those that want to be a little picky with their mystery box… that’s no problem! We’ve got you covered!

Stay-At-Home Snack Packs