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Enjoy the World of Harry Potter Sweets From the Comfort of Your Home 

Despite the many responsibilities of those attending Hogwarts, there is always room for downtime to experience some of the delicious treats that can be found in the wizarding world of Harry Potter sweets.

First created in 1997, the Harry Potter books detail the life of an orphan who soon finds his calling as a wizard. As well as a series of novels published by J K Rowling, there were also several movie adaptations and spin-offs that have ensured Harry Potter is as iconic as Indian Jones, Star Wars and Back to the Future.

When watching the Harry Potter movies, it would be easy to assume that the candy enjoyed is only available in the world of the young wizard, but this is no longer the case thanks to So Sweet.

Sure, there is a lack of magic compared to the movie counterparts, but would you really want your Chocolate Frog to jump away?

The following is an overview of some of the delicious treats inspired by Harry Potter that can be ordered directly from So Sweet.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

Many will remember the iconic scene where Harry shares Chocolate Frogs with Ron Weasley, unsettled by the fact that they seem spritely for a frog made from chocolate. Those that order their Harry Potter Chocolate Frog from So Sweet can be confident their treats stay still.

The Harry Potter Chocolate Frog is a delicious combination of creamy milk chocolate and crisped rice that delivers a satisfying crunch.

This treat imported directly from the USA also included a collectable wizard card, so why not have some fun with your next batch of magic-inspired treats and try and find all eleven cards?

Bertie Bott’s Beans

Another iconic treat in Hogwarts is Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, a treat comparable to Muggle jellybeans, only with an endless range of flavours. However, some of the flavours available in the wizarding world were not always desirable, with flavours like spinach, grass and earwax making an appearance.

Fortunately, So Sweet only caters to Muggles, and its iteration of the Bertie Bott’s Beans only consist of delicious flavours that bring a new dimension to the simple jellybean.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Harry Potter, or searching for a gift idea for those who are, Bertie Bott’s Beans are the perfect choice in both instances.

Harry Potter’s Milk Chocolate Wand with Spell Sheet

Harry’s journey into Hogwarts is a complex one. While all he wants to do is find a family of his own, he is given responsibility that would make many adults shudder, including confronting a half-blood wizard full of hatred and destruction.

Fortunately, the only responsibilities of Muggles when choosing the Chocolate Wand is to enjoy some downtime with their favourite film when experiencing this delicious milk chocolate wand.

As well as being a tasty treat for those that cannot get enough of witches and wizards, it is also the perfect stocking filler for children.

Voldemort’s Milk Chocolate Wand with Spell Sheet

Are you wanting to rid the world of non-magical heritage and take over both the wizarding world and that of Muggles? Of course not, but it can be a lot of fun pretending, and if you are searching for a gift for those that adore the Dark Lord, then look no further than Voldemort’s Milk Chocolate Wand.

Like Harry’s wand, the wand of he who cannot be named is also crafted from delicious milk chocolate and comes complete with a series of sinister spells.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch

Not only does So Sweet offer a series of treats witnessed in the iconic movie series, but also offers sweets based on some of the iconic moments in the film. Regardless of how many times you have seen ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, the Quidditch scene is never any less exciting.

The Snitch is the smallest ball used in the game, and its purpose is to fly the field at high speeds while avoiding seekers.

Fortunately, those longing for delicious milk chocolate will not need to chase down this Golden Snitch, as it is crafted from chocolate, but does come complete with a Quidditch rule sheet should anyone fancy testing their friends and family on their Harry Potter knowledge.

Harry Potter Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

With so much delicious chocolate available, many will be searching for a beverage to wash it all down, and what could be a better fit than the Harry Potter Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer.

Fashioned after the beverage served in the Three Broomsticks, this non-alcoholic is the perfect brew for witches and wizards, as well as those that enjoy delicious and unique soda.

As this unique beverage is imported directly from the United States, customers can be confident that their Butterscotch Beer is the best money can be.

Regardless of whether you are planning a wizard and witch-themed party or simply want to give someone passionate about Harry Potter something memorable, then why not check out many treats available at So Sweet today.