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Although there is significant choice online, it can be difficult finding a balance regarding value and tasty treats. Fortunately, SoSweet Pick ‘n’ Mix Shop understands the importance of dining great value treats at affordable prices, which is why it is proud to offer its one-pound sweets range.

Regardless of whether you want to treat yourself or somebody else, the following treats offer excellent tasting nostalgic treats and modern sweets, without customers having to spend a small fortune in the process.

The following is a mere overview of the superb sweets available in the one-pound range available at So Sweet.

Awesome Authentic Retro Treats with Assorted Foams

Many will remember finding delicious foam sweets as part of their pick-n-mix, be it the strawberry-flavoured shrimps or one-of-a-kind foam bananas. If you figured that finding these unique treats was no longer possible, then the assorted foams are for you.
These simple but delicious treats are just as tasty as you remember, and costing only one pound, they are just as affordable.

Curb Your Cola Cravings with Delicious Fizzy Cola Bottles

Everyone will know about cola bottles as well as their fizzy iteration, but it is not always finding Fizzy Cola Bottles that are affordable and of a high standard, at least until now.

So Sweet understands the importance of choice and value regarding Fizzy Cola Bottles, which is why it strives to offer the best sweets money can buy.

If you are longing for the same delicious taste and texture you experienced as a child, then why not make sure that Fizzy Cola Bottles are part of our next order with So Sweet and reacquaint yourself with an old favourite.

Enjoy Boiled Sweets with a Difference with Banana and Custard

There are plenty of options available regarding boiled sweets, but this does not mean that those that enjoy longevity with their sweets are not looking for something new to experience. Fortunately, there are a series of options available when shopping with So Sweet, including Banana and Custard.

If you are searching for sweets that are just as perfect for car journeys as they are for watching the television, then why not opt for the affordable and delicious Banana and Custard Boiled Sweets.

Lavish in Liquorice with Black and White Mints

It would be easy to assume that there is little in the way of options regarding liquorice, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is exemplified by the Black and White Mints, a treat that perfectly partners mint and liquorice into one delicious treat.

Regardless of whether you are trying liquorice for the first time or wanting a sweet that takes the taste of liquorice to new levels, you will find that the Black and White Mints are the perfect choice in both instances.

Candy Sticks That Bring the Memories Flooding Back

Although candy sticks are still available, it is safe to say that the options available do not meet the standards set by the soft chewy option we used to enjoy during our childhood. Fortunately, So Sweet understands the frustration of lacklustre offerings, which is why it ensures it only offers premium treats.

The Candy Sticks from So Sweet offer the same chewy texture from days gone by, and not the dry chalky texture.

Bubblegum Pips Are Brilliant for Those Searching for Something Original to Suck
There are plenty of timeless classics regarding boiled sweets, including Everton Mints and Butterscotch. However, those searching for something different will love what Bubblegum Pips have to offer.

The small, boiled sweets offer a blast of nostalgia thanks to the nineties-influence bubblegum taste as well as longevity.

Of course, if you prefer to crunch your sweets, then this is also possible with Bubblegum Pips.
Explore the Innovation of Retro Sweets and Pick n Mix with Coconut Mushrooms
Regardless of what type of treats you enjoy, those who adore retro sweets will be more than familiar with Coconut Mushrooms. These treats are manufactured using a chewy fondant and coconut dusting that offers a unique taste experience for those wanting to up the ante regarding nostalgic treats.

Coconut Mushrooms are an example of how much imagination there was in the sweet industry, and those searching for an affordable blast from the past can now do so courtesy of So Sweet.

Experience the Best Quality Chocolate Buttons Without Spending a Fortune

The quest for chocolate can be chaotic at times, and those with a small budget will want to ensure that they can acquire the finest chocolate buttons in the business. Merely one of the many treats available for a pound, these indulgent chocolate buttons show you do not have to spend a small fortune regarding terrific chocolate.

Regardless of whether they are purchased as a treat for yourself or used to create a bespoke Easter basket, those who shop with So Sweet can be confident of delicious chocolate buttons at a price they can afford.

The treats listed are simply an overview of some of the delicious treats that can be found when shopping with So Sweet. As well as offering various pound-sweets, So Sweet can also offer fantastic fudge and unique international treats that cannot be found anywhere else.