Vidal Sweets

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Choice can be in short supply regarding sweets, but not when shopping with SoSweet. As well as being able to offer family favourites, retro classics and unique treats that stand out, including the Vidal Sweets range.

What Are Vidal Sweets?

Vidal Golosinas produces Vidal Sweets, a Spanish producer of confectionery that was first founded in 1963. Focusing on bold flavours and quirky aesthetics, those looking for something different when shopping for sweets will find what they are looking for regarding Spanish treats, especially when shopping with SoSweet.

How to Purchase Vidal Sweets in the United Kingdom?

Although Vidal sweets can be purchased in the United Kingdom, the availability can be limited at times, which is why so many people choose an online sweet shop when shopping for treats, including SoSweet.

Not only can SoSweet offer a range of imported and retro treats, it can also offer same-day dispatch and tracked delivery, ensuring that there is never any delay when delivering sweets to your doorstep.

Is Vidal Candy Kosher?

Having a choice of treats is all good and well, but there will be some that need to pay special attention to the ingredients.

Fortunately, Vidal has the appr Muslim and Jewish communities, and can offer Kosher Certification and Halal Certificate of Compliance on many of their products.

What Vidal Sweets Can Be Purchased in the UK?

When shopping with SoSweet for Vidal sweets, customers can be confident of a wide range of choice. The Vidal Gummy Fried Eggs are perfect for those searching for retro classics, while the Visal Sour Fried Eggs are a fizzy and fun alternative for those searching for something different.

If you have tired of the conventional options in the high street, then why not mix things up with the innovative treats available within the Vidal range, including Vidal Pizza Slices, Visal Pink Flamingos and Vidal Strawberry Cream Kisses.

What Vidal Lollipop Flavours are Available?

One of the most popular products within the Vidal range are the luscious lollipops, and it is not hard to understand why.

Despite the amount of choice available regarding lollipops, those who cannot get enough of licking their favourite treats searching for inspiration will find everything they are looking for when shopping with SoSweet.

Among the options available are the Vidal Mega Zoom Strawberry Lollipops, delicious strawberry candy filled with bubblegum. If you want something with a sour side, then why not consider the Vidal Mega Zoom Super Pica Lollipop, super sour lollies with a bubblegum centre.