Cheetos Flamin Hot (56g)


Bring a cheesy, delicious crunch to snack time with a bag of CHEETOS® Crunchy Cheese-Flavored Snacks. Made with real cheese for maximum flavor.

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Hot, spicy flavor packed into crunchy, cheesy snacks. CHEETOS® Crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks are full of flavor and made with real cheese.

Bring a cheesy, delicious crunch to snack time with a bag of CHEETOS® Crunchy Cheese-Flavored Snacks. Made with real cheese for maximum flavor.

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Cheetos were first created in 1948 by Charles Elmer Doolin. Although a successful snack, the early iteration of the company did not have the capacity to deal with demand.In 1961, the brand was part of a merger between the Frito and H.W. Lay & Company, which became Frito Lay, and this helped expand the productivity of snacks. By 1965, Frito Lay was a subsidiary of PepsiCo, which is still the case The famous mascot associated with the brand is Chester Cheetah, whose iconic status has led him to star in a multitude of media, including his own video game. However, Chester Cheetah was not the first mascot to promote the brand, as Cheetos Mouse took this position. Cheetos Mouse first made his debut in 1971, and would be used in television commercials until 1979. Chester would then fill the vacant mascot position in 1986, and has retained his pop culture status and popularity, and helped the brand become one of the most recognised snack ranges in the world. The Cheetos brand has become so successful that the snacks are now recognised as a bona fide ingredient for several dishes. There was even a pop up restaurant unveiled in New York in 2017 that sold dishes made using Cheetos and other ingredients. Although Chester and his brand of cheese-based snacks were popular in the United States, it took a little longer for the United Kingdom to embrace the snack, with only a crunchy variation of the snack available upon its initial release. This means those in other countries had more choice regarding Cheetos than those in the UK. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, with Cheetos available in abundance. So Sweet ensures the capacity is in place to offer the classic taste of Cheetos you love, along with some new additions from the USA and other parts of the world. If you assumed there was little choice regarding Cheetos, then why not browse So Sweet and experience some of the following variations? Experience Original Cheetos as They Should Be TastedAlthough Cheetos have been available in the United Kingdom for several years, they are not the same as the ones sold in the USA. As such, the demand for genuine Cheetos has surged, and So Sweet can offer the original iteration of Crunchy Cheetos.The USA variants of Cheetos come in three sizes, 35g, 56g, and a substantial 226g share bag.Enjoy Some Spice with the Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno Large Share BagIf you enjoy your snacks with some spice, then why not sample the Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno snack? This large share bag is perfect for movie night, or those who cannot get enough of the delicious combination of cheddar and jalapeno.The delicious pairing of these flavours is also available in a smaller Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno snack pack, which is the right fit for lunchboxes.Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Deliver a Fiery KickWhat started as an experimentation has now become one of the most popular flavours in the Cheetos range. Cheetos Flamin’ Hot are another flavour available in the United Kingdom for some time, but the selection from So Sweet delivers the genuine fiery taste many are searching for.Not only are these tasty snacks available in 35g and 56g, but also a 226g bag perfect for sharing with others.Try a New Taste Sensation with Cheetos Cheese and KetchupAs well as providing a wide range of recognised iterations of Cheetos, So Sweet can also provide a series of options from across the pond, including Cheetos Cheese and Ketchup Spirals.This tongue twisting variant of the classic treat delivers a new sensation and is perfect for those who like to sample snacks that are not available via conventional means, and are available in 80g and 130g bags.Spoiled for Choice? Try Out Cheetos FavoritosIt is not only the USA that provides some of the best iterations of Cheetos, as Spain also has some inspired choices, including Cheetos Favoritos.Cheetos Favoritos contain some iconic variants found in Spain, including Pandilla, Pelotazos and Rizos.If you are searching for an inspired snack that is also the perfect fit for parties, then why not consider sampling Cheetos Favoritos today?Cheetos Cheese Sticks Are Another Spanish Iteration of the Classic SnackThere has been a lot of focus on snacks and treats from the USA, and for good reason. However, many are surprised to learn that they can find fun and quirky iterations of their favourite snacks when searching further afield.Fortunately, you do not have to browse endless websites to find the perfect packet of Cheetos, as So Sweet can deliver options from all over the world using same day dispatch, including Cheetos Stick Palitos, which are the Spanish iteration of Cheetos.Whether you have memories of the snack or are merely fascinated by the number of options regarding Cheetos worldwide.Cheetos Cheese Offers a Different Take on an Iconic ClassicCheetos are recognised for the knobbly appearance, but this isn’t the only variation of the snack available. There have been new additions to the range made in recent years that ensure there is a snack for everyone, including Cheetos Cheese Puffs.These delicious snacks take a different direction to conventional Cheetos, in that they are in the form of a puffed snack, rather than a crunchy one.The light nature of the snacks makes them perfect for all the family, and the genuine products can be delivered with ease thanks to the simple ordering system in place when shopping with So Sweet.Cheetos Cheese and Ham Crunchos Are Another Tasty Addition to the RangeMany people are aware of how crunchy Cheetos are, but they may not know that there are many flavours that offer the perfect flavour for that crunch, including Cheetos Cheese and Ham Crunchos.The pairing of cheese and ham has always been a popular pairing, and the iconic taste can now be enjoyed in snack form courtesy of So Sweet.Spice and Crunch are Partnered Perfectly with Cheetos Crunchos Sweet ChilliAlthough some people like some spice with their snacks, they may not want too much. The perfect compromise is sweet chilli, which also blends well with the crunchy nature of Cheetos.Sweet Chilli Cheetos Crunchos are another delicious addition, not the long-running range of snacks that are the perfect snack and an excellent addition to lunchboxes. Sweet Chilli Cheetos Crunchos are available in 165g and 95g packs,Cheese and Onion Is Reinvented with Cheetos Green OnionCheese and onion have been a British staple regarding crisps, but there will be those keen to embrace new interpretations of this iconic flavour pairing, and this can now be achieved thanks to Cheetos Green Onion.Available in generous 145g packs, Cheetos Green Onion is another example of how innovative the brand has become in recent years. Cheetos Cheese Puffs Offer the Same Great Taste in Puffed Corn FormPuffed corn snacks are available in the United Kingdom, but they pale in comparison to the options available in other parts of the world. Fortunately, those wanting to sample the many variations of Cheetos do not have to travel around the world to enjoy their favourite snack.Multiple variations of the iconic snack ensure there is a flavour for everyone, including the Cheetos Cheese Puff pack.Simply make an order online and be confident that regardless of what pack of Cheetos you choose, it will be shipped the same day.Cheetos Mini Cheese Puffs are Perfect for Light SnacksAlthough Cheetos are delicious, they must be enjoyed in moderation, just as with any other snack. However, if you want to refrain from bold flavours for a while, why not consider Cheetos Mini Cheese Puffs?The same delicious flavour is present, only in a smaller and less dense form, making it perfect for those wanting to enjoy Cheetos without the crunchy sensation.Cheetos White Cheddar Cheese Puffs are Another Tasty Addition to the RangeThe addition of Cheetos Cheese Puffs to the range has been a huge success, so it should come as no surprise that people are keen to learn of other flavours in the range. Fortunately, So Sweet has different variations of Cheetos Cheese Puffs available, including White Cheddar Cheese PuffsThese tasty snacks offer the same light snack as other variations, only this time with a bold cheddar flavour. Cheetos Peanut Are Another Example of Unique and Innovative OptionsAs So Sweet focuses on snacks from all over the world, it can offer customers options that cannot be found on the high street, including Cheetos Peanut.The classic Cheetos taste is given a nutty overhaul and is perfect for those tiring of cheese flavoured snacks.Enjoy an Italian Take on a Classic Snack Courtesy of Cheetos PizzeriniCheetos offer different variants of snacks based on location, so while there is plenty of choice, they cannot always be found in the United Kingdom, at least until now.So Sweet works hard to ensure that it has choice regarding all your favourite snack brands by offering selections from all over the globe, including Cheetos Pizzerini.As the name suggests, the classic Italian dish inspires the Cheetos Pizzerini flavour, and even has the appearance of a small pizza slice.Cheetos Cheese Rock Paw and Scissors are Adored by Children and AdultsDespite Rock Paper Scissors being a game that dates back thousands of years, the game is still enjoyed today. Some may use the game as a decision-making tool, while others thrive purely on the competition element.The classic game has also inspired the Cheetos Cheese Rock Paw Scissors snack, a variation of the game that evokes the cool nature of Chester Cheetah.Children love challenging their friends, while the delicious cheese flavour means adults love them as much as the younger ones.Enjoy a Savoury Variation of Cheetos Rock Paw and ScissorsAlthough the cheese flavoured Rock Paw Scissors snacks are popular among many, they are not the only iteration available. Those wanting to enjoy a savoury variation of the quirky snack can do so thanks to Hamburger Cheetos Rock Paw and Scissors.The Hamburger Cheetos Rock Paw and Scissors is a delicious variation of Cheetos that can be ordered on their own, or in conjunction with other treats available from So Sweet, and are available in 85g and 145g packs. As you can, there is no shortage of options regarding Cheetos, especially when shopping with So Sweets for treats. Whether you are searching for one of the many iterations of Cheetos, or simply want to browse a range of pick and mix and retro sweet, then why not brose the full range of options available at So Sweet today. 


Enriched Corn Meal (Corn Meal, Ferrous Sulphate, Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Vegetable Oil (Corn, Canola, and/or Sunflower Oil), Flamin’ Hot Seasoning (Maltodextrin [Made from Corn], Salt, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Yeast Extract, Citric Acid, Artificial Colour [Red 40 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Yellow 6, Yellow 5], Sunflower Oil, Cheddar Cheese [MILK, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes], Onion Powder, Whey, Whey Protein Concentrate, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavor, Buttermilk, Sodium Diacetate, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate), and Salt.

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