Giant Toblerone 4.5 kg! Now this is a serious bit of chocolate! We’re talking about a huge solid block of Toblerone chocolate weighing a massive 4.5kg!! The perfect gift for any chocoholic this Christmas!

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When we think of chocolate, there are many countries that spring to mind, including Belgium. However, one of the countries with the most influence in the industry has been Switzerland, as made evident by the iconic Toblerone.

Although there have been a series of iconic treats over the years, Toblerone is one of the few treats still standing proud after 100 years.

However, this is not to say that there has not been some disruption among fans of the famous chocolate bar in recent years.

The History of Toblerone

The Toblerone was first created in 1908 by Swiss chocolatier Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann. The iconic recipe of milk chocolate, nougat, almonds, and honey was concocted by Emil Baumann, while Theodor Tobler was responsible for the iconic shape and packaging.

Many believe the triangular design of the Toblerone was inspired by the Matterhorn in the Swiss  Alps, although the family of Tobler insist it was based on the pyramid shape formed by dancers at a show he had seen.

However, this would be contradicted again, as the packaging would often include a silhouette of the Matterhorn in later years.

As well as the original iteration of the Toblerone, there have been several variants of the delicious treats unveiled over the years, including white chocolate, plain chocolate, fruit and nuts.

Regardless of the true story regarding the design, there is no doubt that the Toblerone is one of the most enjoyable treats in the world, although there has been some upset caused in the world of Swiss Chocolate.

Design Change and Controversy

One of the reasons why the Toblerone has been so popular with fans is due to its iconic shape. However, in 2016, there was a change in the design of the Toblerone that spaced out the segments further apart.

This was carried out to ensure that there was no price increase in the price of the chocolate. However, fans were in outrage, and would have preferred a price increase, rather than a design that they no longer recognised.

Fortunately, fans are finally getting their wishes fulfilled, as Mindelez International has listened to the masses and decided to reintroduce the original design of the iconic Swiss chocolate bar.

Why is the Toblerone So Popular?

There can be several reasons why fans are so passionate about the classic Swiss treat. Some may recognise the Toblerone as a celebration of Christmas, whereas others may consider it a soothing experience that is perfect when catching up on some respite.

As such, when searching for Toblerone, people want to ensure that they are purchasing the real deal, and not the inferior copies that have arisen since the controversy of the initial design change.

Fortunately, those who shop with So Sweet can be confident that any treats they order are genuine, and those searching for the best Toblerone they can find will be glad to know that the Giant Toblerone is now available in a massive 4.5 kg size.

If you thought Toblerone could not be enjoyed any more than it already is, then think again, as this giant iteration is the perfect gift for chocoholics, and the perfect present for Christmas and birthdays.

So Sweet understands the importance of choice, which is why it sells a wide variation of Toblerones along with the giant version.

Not only can customers enjoy delicious Swiss milk chocolate in several guises, but also take advantage of same day despatch and tracked delivery.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to treat yourself or someone close to you, So Sweet has the perfect treat in every instance.