Hot Chocolate Bomb (35g)


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Hot Chocolate Bomb (35g)


Chocolate bombs are the latest trend to hit both the online and real-life world, and it is not difficult to envisage why. Chocolate bombs are not only a lot of fun, but also the perfect gift idea for all occasions.
Chocolate bombs are hollow chocolate shells filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows. Although they are conventionally used to create a delicious mug of hot chocolate, the trend has meant some have become more experimental with these chocolate spheres.

Pouring boiling milk over the chocolate bombs allows for an immersive transition as you watch your indulgent chocolate ball transform to a delicious mug of cocoa.
The chocolate bomb from So Sweet is an affordable luxurious chocolate bomb that will have you trending online in no time. Not only is the Hot Chocolate Bom ideal as a treat but can also be gifted in many instances.

Enjoy Hot Chocolate in a Completely New Way

There is no denying that hot chocolate has been popular for a long time. In fact, history states that hot chocolate was first introduced into North America during the 17th century. As such, many can be forgiven for assuming that there is little that can be done to reinvent the wonderment of hot chocolate.

However, TikTok has proved otherwise. The introduction of the original Hot Chocolate Bomb on the video-sharing social network was made by Eric Torres Garcia of Idaho. The video became an immediate viral success, and much of this can be attributed to the many original features.

Not only can hot chocolate be experienced in an original way, but the transformation that takes place has also been a hit with the AMSR community.
If you are reast to embrace the latest craze and discover what all the fuss is about, then why not try out on any of the Hot Chocolate Bombs from So Sweet today.

Children Will Love the Hot Chocolate Bomb

Treating children to their favourite beverage is not always possible, especially if there are restrictions in place. Fortunately, there are options available that can be prepared at home, including the Hot Chocolate Bomb.
Children will often be familiar with the Hot Chocolate Bomb from the traction it has gained online. As such, many are keen to try the treat being enjoyed by millions, and So Sweet allow this to happen without spending a small fortune.

So Sweet understands the frustration that some can face when searching for quality confectionery, which is why it strives to ensure that all sweets and chocolate are off the highest standard from reputable manufactures, and the same is true for the Chocolate Bomb.
As well as offering various sweets, those who order their Hot Chocolate Bombs from So Sweet can be assured of prompt delivery, allowing children to feel part of the recent viral trend taking place.

Chocolate Bomb Trio

Also available in a Chocolate Bomb Trio

A Creative Gift for Chocolate Connoisseurs

If you are seeking a gift perfect for those who cannot get enough of chocolate, then look no further than the Hot Chocolate Bomb from So Sweet. There are many variants of chocolate available, but even those with exotic tastes may still need to experience the transformation that takes place when using a Hot Chocolate Bomb.

A simple pouring of heated milk onto the chocolate bomb ignites the visual treat that follows, as chocolate fans are met with a series of experiences as the ball transforms into a delicious beverage.

Make a Birthday Go Off with a Bang with a Hot Chocolate Bomb

Searching for gifts that are original can be problematic, and when there are restrictions in place the process can be made more complicated. Fortunately, there are outlets willing to step into the breach to offer inspiration, including So Sweet.
The Chocolate Bomb is a recognised gift many still have to experience, so why not ensure the following birthday is a bombastic one and gift the luxurious Hot Chocolate Bomb.

A Must Have for Movie Night

If you are tired of snacking on the same products when watching a movie, then why not enlighten the experience with a Hot Chocolate Bomb.
These viral delicacies can be bought singularly, or as multipack, ensuring that there is enough delicious hot chocolate available for those wanting a relaxing movie night.

Enjoy Hot Chocolate Bombs and More with So Sweet

Although there is a lot of popularity regarding Hot Chocolate Bombs, So Sweet understands there will be times when people are searching for other fun treats and sweets, which is why So Sweet offers numerous sweets.

Regardless of whether you want to go retro with your choice or want to enjoy innovative new products, then why not check out the variety of the delicious treats available at So Sweet.
As well as delicious sweets, customers can also be confident of prompt delivery and affordable prices, so there is never nay need to look elsewhere when craving creative candy.