Introducing our new loyalty scheme, SoSweet points! From now on, every purchase you make will earn you SoSweet points to redeem for money off your next order!

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How does it work?

  1. Make you sure have created an account with us using your email address.
  2. Make an order on our website, for every £1 you spend you will earn 1 SoSweet Point!
  3. You can then redeem your points on future orders to get money off; 1 SoSweet Point is worth 5p!
  4. The more you spend the more you earn!



Best Sellers

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New Arrivals

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The small print…

SoSweet Points cannot be exchanged for money, only store credit. SoSweet Points are non-transferable between accounts – they are linked to your email address. You can only redeem points on future orders once you have accrued 100 points or more. SoSweet Points can only be redeemed online, they can’t be redeemed in store!